High Reliability Non-Halogen Solder Paste


High Reliability Non-Halogen Solder Paste

J-STD ROL0 Non-Halogen solder paste. Good wettability under Air Reflow Oven, less voids, stable printing deposit from 1st print.

Feature1:Minimizes voids by reducing evaporated gases during reflow soldering and  improving fluidity of the flux.


Evaluation Void test

■ Reflow Condition
・Air Reflow

Feature2:Improves printability with drastic revised New Flux ingredients. Provides decent print deposit from 1st print, stable continuous printing is available.

Evaluation Continuous printability test

■ Test Condition: Print Speed:50mm/s
Squeegee Pressure:25×10-2N
Snap off Speed:Constant Speed 5mm/s
Continuous printability test for 12 pieces→ Cleaning→ Then continuous printability test for 4 pieces(Total 16 pieces)

Feature3:New Non-Halogen L0 solder paste has equivalence wetting property as existing L1 products (Halogen < 0.5%)