Privacy Policy

Nihon Almit Co., Ltd. (hereafter the “Company” or “we”) recognizes
its important social obligation as a business to handle the personal information it receives from customers and
clients in a reasonable and ethical manner. 
The Company follows the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and
other laws and ordinances related thereto.

Our collection and use of personal information is restricted to the limits required to achieve the
goals of use that are disclosed or publically announced and, except when allowed by law,
dependent upon the express consent of the individual customer or client.
We will take appropriate measures to
prevent the damage, loss, or disclosure of personal data and safely manage other personal data.

We will strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date personal information within the necessary
bounds to achieve the goals of use.
We will take appropriate action without delay in response to requests such as for disclosure from
the owners of personal information we maintain.

Handling of Personal Information
1.Purpose of use of personal information
Personal information provided is handled within the limits required to achieve
the objectives of use listed below.

Purpose of Use

1) To communicate business and performance of work related to incoming/outgoing orders
To provide information related to services and products from our Company
To handle service and product support

To send information on our sponsorship, cooperation, support, and participation in
exhibitions, seminars, etc.
To communicate business information to retired employees or for recruitment activities
To answer inquiries
2.Collaborative Use
We sometimes share the personal data listed below with the following Group Companies.
Use is within the boundaries necessary to achieve Purposes of Use (1) – (6) listed above.

1) Group Companies
Shanghai Almit Co., Ltd.
Personal Data Items
・Company name
・Department name
・Individual’s name
・Company address
・Phone number 
・FAX number
・Email address
・Contents of surveys
Name of party responsible for the administration of collaborative use
Nihon Almit Co., Ltd.

3. Providing personal information in delegating work
Within the boundaries necessary to achieve
Purposes of Use (1) – (6) listed above, the
Company may provide personal data within the
minimum required limits to consignees.
4. Purpose of use of retained personal data
The Company’s purpose for the use of retained personal data is the same as “1. Purpose of Use”
listed above.
5. Disclosure to third parties
The Company will appropriately control the personal
information we receive and will not offer to third parties such information without the prior
consent of the relevant individuals.  However, this may exclude cases in items 2 or 3 above
(Collaborative Use) or cases permitted by law.
6. Inquiries regarding personal information  
For contact related to our use of personal information or requests to delete, cease use of,
add to, correct, or disclose personal data we have received,
please us the contact information listed below.

Contact: Nihon Almit Co., Ltd.
Almit Building, 2-14-2 Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8666 Japan

・TEL. 03-3379-2277  FAX. 03-3374-2593

・E-mail :
Business Hours: 9am – 5pm (closed Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and company holidays)