“Technology for the future”
All of us at Nihon Almit Co., Ltd. put our whole hearts into our participation in society.
We research and develop products that are safe and reliable while taking environmental
conservation into consideration to produce the highest quality products and
provide fullest service as we contribute to the healthy development of society.


We aim to contribute to the development of society by promoting technology that ensures safety
and environmental conservation,and by structuring an original business model that takes full
advantage of Almit technologies to provide the greatest benefit to society.


1.We do not discriminate in any way based on nationality, race, gender, age, or disability.
2.We aim to resolve problems and tailor trusting relationships by maintaining open communication at work.
3.We treat everyone fairly and respect individual personalities. We are devoted to extending
the abilities and individualism of each person through instruction.


1.All decisions are made in accordance with corporate ethics and in observance of regulations and
rules stipulated by laws, agreements, and the Company code.
2.We observe work objectives determined by the Company and do not engage in behavior that
deviates from those objectives.
3.We do not engage in actions that conflict with company interests and do not use business-related
information for personal or another’s gain.
4.We clearly specify the details of business-related contracts and act upon them with mutual agreement.
5.We accurately and appropriately manage Company property and equipment, and if any property or
equipment fails to conform to regulations, we reform or eliminate it.


1.Safety is our number one priority, and we are committed to providing pleasant work environments and facilities.
2.We pursue environmentally friendly development through our commitment to saving resources and energy.
3.We are committed to educating and managing employees and external collaborators engaged in work,
as well as maintaining their health.


1.We are committed to being environmentally friendly in all our work and services.
2.To reduce greenhouse gases, we are committed to saving energy, and reducing industrial
waste and chemical discharge.
3.As corporate citizens, we are committed to the smooth exchange of information with
society to develop local communities.


1.We do not use raw materials that originate from the conflict regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and
its surrounding countries.  If we recognize that raw materials originating from conflict regions are used,
we immediately discontinue the purchase thereof.
2.We strictly prohibit any and all bribes, threats and embezzlement, and conduct transactions with transparency.
We refuse relationships with antisocial groups that threaten the public order or security.
3.We respect the intellectual property rights of others and will not infringe them.


1.We properly protect personal information of suppliers, customers, employees,
all people concerned in our business.
2.We ensure protective measures against threats to our computer network and engage in management to
prevent damage to our company and others.

October 1, 2019
Makoto Sawamura
Nihon Almit Co., Ltd.


Nihon Almit (all companies) are ISO 9001
Quality Management Systems certified. 

Nihon Almit / Micro Joint Laboratories hold ISO 14001
Environmental Management Systems certification.


Providing the highest-quality solder through business strength and the strength of goods.

In order to rapidly answer demand from production locations all over the world,
we have assembled a systematic production structure under the umbrella of our Sales, R&D, and Production departments.
From client meetings to R&D for the new products, manufacturing, shipping, and handover,
we use our dependable structure to deliver highly efficient, quality solder.

Quality Policy


Quality Policy

Since our founding, our business policy has been “quality first”. 
That business policy also requires “client importance” in business,
so we work to provide products and services that please our customers. 
All Almit employees vow to ascertain the real meaning of quality from
the client’s perspective in order to continually upgrade our quality management system. 
1. We conduct research and decelopment of environmentally-friendly products that satisfy client need.
2. We conduct business activities from the clients’ perspective to enhance satisfaction and credibility.
3. We place a priority on increasing productivity and quality, and reducing costs.
4. We take measures to prevent occupational accidents.
5. We ascertain priority matters of each department regularly to achieve our goals.

October 28, 2022
Makoto Sawamura

Environmental Pilosophy

For all life that lives on this blue and green planet.
Our beautiful, blue shimmering Earth is the source of life for countless living
creatures that are all connected to one another.
Social problems from global warming and pollution of the environment are a negative
inheritance left to us from the Industrial Revolution of the 20th century.
Almit realizes this is a problem that human wisdom must solve.
On the technological development side, efforts to switch to halogen-free solders that
prevent dioxins from being released when burned is one way of tackling environmental problems.
Almit commits to making drastic improvements by focusing on environmental protection
activities in not just the realm of products but in all areas of business,
from R&D, planning and management to manufacturing.


The Almit factory in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand is designed to shut out the intense solar heat that is unique to the region.
This keeps electrical power consumption down and contributes to the reduction of CO2.

NIHON ALMIT CO., LTD. has incorporated its environmental sentiment into the Company logo.

Our eco logo depicts the Earth seen from space and embodies an ideal planet rich in verdure.
Almit treasures the concept of an ideal Earth and works tirelessly for all living things on this blue & green planet. 


Environment Policy

The effect of global warming and pollution on society has made environmental conservation an important part of our corporate activities.
Almit vows to promote environmental protection activities in all fields – such as R&D, design and manufacturing – to pinpoint problems and perpetually address them.


1. We will protect the environment while strictly observing legal regulations and meeting client demands.
2. We develop new products through R&D and the design stage reducing or eliminating the environmental pollutants, and we also promote prevention of global warming by introducing the design realizing energy saving, resource saving and carbon neutrality.
3. We will reduce costs by planning and developing structural designs with the potential to save energy and resources.
4. We will monitor environmental pollutants in goods and materials by implementing quality assurance.
5. We will regenerate resources by appropriately recovering and recycling usable materials leftover from production processes.
6. We will provide transparent traceability of regulated industrial wastes from their collection and transport, to their final place of disposal.
7. We will assess our advances in environmental performance and provide compatible education and training.
8. We will continually reform our environmental management system by periodically auditing departments and reviewing management.
9. We will put these policies in writing and communicate them to employees.

October 28, 2022
Makoto Sawamura