「Boost up almit standard」 1st「DB1-RMA」is announced in Dempa Shimbun Daily.

「Boost up almit standard」

We have made efforts to produce our new standard product with a watchword, “Boost up our own standard now.”

1st is「Dual Boost」

The new technology「Dual Boost」is the flux which activates in two phases.
The first boost promotes the initial wetting, and the second boost promotes the wettability to through-holes.
Product name「DB1-RMA」is named after “”Dual Boost.”
We developed a new activator, and it makes it possible to produce the activator providing the dual activation with low flux content of JIS-AA type.
We had developed the conventional flux of cored wire solder for through-hole by giving priority to sustained effect of the active power.
However, the demand of new cored solder had gradually increased because of the negative cases, such as insufficient wettability to through-holes or the occurrence of defects called “bridge” by taking long soldering time losing the active power of the flux.
Boost 1 of new technology「Dual Boost」promotes the initial wettability brought by fast-acting activator, and boost 2 gives you the anti-bridge effect by promoting the wettability to through-holes.
We finally succeeded to shorten the soldering time by dramatically improving the solderability to through-holes on the substrate having large heat capacity or the oxidated substrate after reflow soldering.
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