「Boost up almit standard」 2nd「QB-1」is announced in Dempa Shimbun Daily.

「Boost up almit standard」

We have made efforts to produce our new standard product with a watchword, “Boost up our own standard now.”

2nd is「Quick Boost」

The new technology「Quick Boost」gives you an immediate effect making it possible to
bring the activate force to the activation peak quickly. We finally productize「QB-1 LFM-48M」 (Flux Name + Alloy Name) named after “Quick Boost.”

Shortening the operational time by manual / robot soldering and ensuring the soldering quality are very important in the soldering process of daily mass production of small electronic components. Shorting the operational time in the situation the soldering wettability is not enough for the operational speed tends to cause the defects, such as the occurrence of solder balls or insufficient wettability, etc.

「QB-1」makes it possible to ensure the stable soldering providing the quick wet-spreading without the defects, such as insufficient wettability or bridging even during the fast drag soldering. The start timing of the wetting of the conventional solder is slow, and it tended to cause a phenomenon the solder stays on the solder iron. It finally causes flux / solder balls scattering by the explosion of flux in the solder reservoir.

「QB-1」gives you the quick wet-spreading and prevents the solder reservoir causing flux Splattering and the occurrence of solder balls.

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