Solders Containing Antioxidant

Solders Containing Antioxidant (LFM-H Series)

Antioxidant reduces dross oxidation on the surface of melted solders and solder ball spattering during dip soldering.

Feature (1)  This product reduces oxidation and maintains the metallic luster of the surface of melted solders.


Feature (2) This product significantly reduces oxidized dross.


Feature (3) This product reduces solder ball spattering during dip soldering.


Alloy Name Alloy Composition Melting Point Target Products Features
Wire Solders Bar Solders
LFM-48H Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu+α


LFM-22H Sn-0.7Cu+α 227℃ Sn-Cu系
LFM-41H Sn-0.3Ag-2.0Cu+α 217-270℃ Alloys that prevent Cu leaching
LFM-59H Sn-3.0Cu+α 227-312℃
LFM-62H Sn-3.0Cu+0.5Ni+α 228-394℃