Solders Containing Antioxidant

Solders Containing Antioxidant (LFM-H Series)

Antioxidant reduces dross oxidation on the surface of melted solders and solder ball spattering during dip soldering.

Feature①  This product reduces oxidation and maintains the metallic luster of the surface of melted solders.


Feature② This product significantly reduces oxidized dross.


Feature③ This product reduces solder ball spattering during dip soldering.


Alloy Name Alloy Composition Melting Point Target Products Features
Wire Solders Bar Solders
LFM-48H Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu+α


LFM-22H Sn-0.7Cu+α 227℃ Sn-Cu系
LFM-41H Sn-0.3Ag-2.0Cu+α 217-270℃ Alloys that prevent Cu leaching
LFM-59H Sn-3.0Cu+α 227-312℃
LFM-62H Sn-3.0Cu+0.5Ni+α 228-394℃