Almit offers a wide range of products that comply with halogen-free product specification.
Choosing products that comply with the specification ensures compliance with environmental regulations.
List of Halogen-free Products

Category Flux Name Features Halogen Type
Core Solders SR-38RMA RMA type, Br・Cl free Cl/Br free
SRS-RMA NC RMA type, Prevents flux spattering Cl/Br free
SRS-UL Exhibits excellent solderability,Prevents flux spattering Cl/Br free
SRS-ZL Highly reliable ,J-STD-004B ROL0 Type NH
NHR-TH Halogen-free, Prevents flux spattering NH
GUMMIX-21NH Halogen-free, Prevents flux residue peeling and spattering NH
GUMMIX-HF Improves GUMI type soldering , For laser soldering Cl/Br free
Solder Pastes MR-NH High Reliability , Solder Paste for High Aspect Ratio Printing NH
NH(LVA) Highly reliable, Low void, Halogen free HF
DS-RMA Highly reliable, RMA type HF
NH(IMT) Exhibits excellent insulation under high temperature, Halogen-free NH
HF-A For laser soldering HF
NH(E) For hot air soldering NH
NH-MDL For laser soldering,Excellent stability with a small amount of coating NH
SDK(NH) For Jet Dispenser, Halogen-free NH
Flux NHR-DFH For dip soldering,Halogen-free NH

*Cl/Br free: No intentional use of chroline/bromine   HF: Cl ≦900ppm、 Br ≦900ppm、Total ≦1500ppm
NH: No intentional use of halogen