【Pb-free 】Cored Solders

List of Pb-free Cored Solders

Category Flux Name


NEW Dual Boost Series DB-1 RMA JIS-AA Grade、RMA Type、Dual Activation Flux
QB-1 JIS-A Grade、Fast-acting Flux
Halogen-free SR-38RMA RMA type Cl、Br free
SRS-RMA NC RMA type, Prevents flux spattering Cl、Br free
SRS-UL Exhibits excellent solderability, Prevents flux spattering Cl、Br free
SRS-ZL J-STD-004B ROL0 Type , Br・Cl free
NHR-TH Halogen-free, Prevents flux spattering
GUMMIX-21NH Halogen-free, Prevents flux residue peeling and spattering
GUMMIX-HF Improves solderability, For laser soldering
SR Series SR-HS Prioritizing through hall, Prevents flux spattering Cl、Br free
SR-34SUPER Exhibits excellent initial wettability, Best choice when workability is the priority
SR-37 Exhibits excellent initial wettability, Prevents flux spattering
SR-LA For low Ag soldering, Reduces flux spattering
SR-LA SUPER Fro low Ag soldering, Reduces flux spattering, Prevents flux from being burnt
GUMMIX Series GUMMIX-19 Prevents flux spattering and flux residue peeling
GUMMIX-19CH Improves GUMMIX-19 workability
GUMMIX-21Zeta For laser soldering, Reduces flux spattering and flux residue peeling
GUMMX-SB RMA For soft beam and laser soldering
KR Series KR-19 For soldering difficult materials
KR-19 SH RMA RMA type, Highly reliable
Other Products G-14 Exhibits excellent linear soldering
BT-19 JIS AA class, High reliable
GTH-RMA High Reliability , Exhibits excellent Through hole soldering
SW-09 Water-soluble flux

*Cl/Br free: No intentional use of chroline/bromine   HF: Cl ≦900ppm、 Br ≦900ppm、Total ≦1500ppm
NH: No intentional use of halogen